Tampa residents understand that the secret to a beautiful home is a meticulous lawn.

The curb appeal that comes from soft, green grass cannot be matched. Unfortunately, keeping grass green in Florida can be quite challenging.

Anyone in Tampa can avoid this challenge by turning to EasyTurf Florida for Tampa Artificial Grass.

For most homeowners, their largest concern with synthetics is artificial grass that looks too artificial. EasyTurf has found the answer with Tampa Artificial Grass. The blades in our synthetic grass are varied in color, giving them the appearance of natural growing grass. Our grass is also made to feel soft enough that you could run through it barefoot and never know the difference.

The Eco-Friendly Solution
At EasyTurf, we pride ourselves on offering an eco-friendly solution to lawn maintenance. Our natural looking synthetic grass requires no water. This product helps you to preserve a vital resource while also lowering your water bill. Because EasyTurf also requires no trimming or mowing, you save time and money on lawn maintenance.

A Lawn for All Seasons
This synthetic grass is ideal for any place in Tampa. Use it for your business, hotel, resort or home. It will be just as fresh and green in the winter as it is in the summer. Because our products are installed with superior drainage, EasyTurf synthetic grass can even withstand heavy summer rains.