The Advantages of Artificial Grass in Landscape Design

April 24, 2017

Your yard will be one of the most unique in the neighborhood once you realize the ways you can use artificial grass in designing the perfect landscape. Artificial grass offers several advantages over natural grass in landscape design that will truly make your lawn stand out.



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Make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood with artificial grass.

Artificial grass has several advantages over natural grass when it comes to landscape design. With synthetic grass:

  1. It doesn’t turn brown or develop dead spots so it can be used in hard to grow areas.
  2. It doesn’t grow so it can be used in more elaborate designs without a lot of upkeep.
  3. Artificial turf doesn’t allow weeds to thrive, so it can be used easily in border areas that would be difficult to weed on a regular basis.
  4. It can be precisely placed next to other elements like concrete or stone, making it a great asset in intricate designs.
  5. It can survive in drought prone areas.



artificial grass advantages, artificial turf, synthetic turf, synthetic grass
Create gorgeous landscape designs with artificial grass.

Homeowners around the country have allowed imaginative landscape artists to find new and interesting ways to use artificial turf with live plants, rocks, and concrete to create stylish yards. Some of the more intricate designs include doing a checkerboard pattern with synthetic turf and concrete blocks. Other variations of that include artificial grass with concrete borders between the blocks of grass and the reverse, concrete blocks with synthetic grass as the border.

Some landscape designers are using artificial grass and other elements, like rock, to create yard art, such as a picture or design like a favorite musical score or the letter of the family’s last name. Creative landscape designers are also using different shades of artificial grass to create these type of incredible designs in lawns, making for a show-stopper for those driving through the neighborhood.

There are other types of designs where artificial grass becomes a great feature. It can be used around a pool area, making for cushy comfort while preventing grass and mud from entering your pool or being tracked into the house after a swim. Artificial grass can also be used to create a natural patio bordered by either concrete, rock or cobblestone, that can be utilized as an awesome party spot. It can also be used to create winding paths through gardens, alongside border stone.

Some homeowners have used artificial turf with plants natural to their areas to create a beautiful garden for their family to enjoy. Ideas include mixing artificial grass with boulders, cacti, flowering trees and taller grasses to create an oasis that looks fully native to the area.



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Create garden pathways, landscape beds and so much more with artificial grass.

Artificial grass advantages also include serving as a great foundation that will help protect plants by limiting bugs and weeds. Synthetic grass has a backing that prevents bugs from getting to feeding areas in the dirt and also halts weeds from growing.

Artificial turf has other practical advantages for those wanting gorgeous lawns including:

  • Artificial grass doesn’t require water, so you can focus watering on your live plants.
  • Synthetic turf doesn’t require other products like fertilizers and pesticides, eliminating chemicals from your yard.
  • Synthetic grass also reduces the amount of money you spend on your lawn, allowing you to spend saved money on other plants and yard beautification items.

There are endless ways you can use artificial grass to improve both the front curb appeal of your home as well as the backyard for the family to enjoy. Whether you want an elaborate, mature design or a fun landscape plan your kids will remember forever, artificial grass may be the first thing to consider.

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