Artificial Grass Is More Common Than You Might Think | Orlando, FL

November 16, 2016

Artificial Grass Is Everywhere!

Synthetic Turf is a viable option for problem grass areas.

Even though artificial grass has been around for decades, most people think it is just like the thin, cheap, uber-tacky green indoor-outdoor carpet that they’ve seen at home improvement stores.  Don’t worry – EasyTurf artificial grass is nothing like that. EasyTurf installed by AlternaScapes of Florida is thick and lush;  it looks real and feels real.  

The Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach has our artificial grass installed on their event lawns area.

You have probably seen EasyTurf installed in several places without even realizing it.

Artificial grass is a huge hit at Resorts and Hotels and Country Clubs, because curb appeal is critical.  The landscaping must always be bright, beautiful and neat.  What better way to ensure a positive impression with guests than synthetic turf lawns, landscaping beds and event lawns?  AlternaScapes has installed artificial grass at many resorts, hotels and private clubs, helping the clients always have a picture-perfect look for members and guests.

Do you watch professional sports on TV?  Many professional (and some college) football teams have synthetic turf playing or practice fields.  Many of the NFL teams have either a practice field or playing field with EasyTurf synthetic turf. Teams like The Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants and Jets (shared field) all play their home games on EasyTurf. More than 60 NCAA College Football teams play on EasyTurf as well. So if you watch football, you’ve probably seen EasyTurf and didn’t even realize it.

Discovery Cove-Logo-amusementpark-themepark-artificialgrass-artificialturf-syntheticgrass
AlternaScapes offers colors, logos and custom-designed synthetic turf areas.

There are even faux grass baseball fields.  Take a closer look next time you watch a game – you might be surprised by what you see!   That’s right…EasyTurf looks so real that most people can’t even tell it’s synthetic!

Theme parks are another place where you are likely to see synthetic turf. This makes sense when you think about it. Theme parks go to great lengths so their grounds always look good. Synthetic turf is a perfect product for them – it always looks good, no matter how much foot traffic an area gets, it’s always green, no matter how much rain or water it gets and there are never any unsightly spots from insects. It’s perfect for them and it can be the perfect solution for you, too.

You might also see EasyTurf at parks, public and private schools, churches, day care centers, pet care and pet training facilities, museums and event centers.

So, now that you know who else trusts EasyTurf to take care of their problems, think about your own grass issues. Are you embarrassed by your lawn? Are you tired of battling the damage caused by chinch bugs and mole crickets, lack of water (either from drought or irrigation restrictions) or from the family dog and/or children that are constantly tearing up the grass? Why would anyone keep putting in more live grass when it didn’t work the first time? Too much use and abuse, too much shade, lack of water, too much sun, whatever your reason, live grass isn’t the best answer under many different conditions.

Your lawn is the framework of your property. The most beautiful home loses all curb appeal when the grass is yellow and spotty. Then, rain and irrigation turns a spotty yard into a muddy yard… dirt and mud that ends up being tracked inside your home and onto your floors, carpets and furniture.

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