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July 26, 2016

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Dogs love artificial grass by AlternaScapes!

Now you can have a dog AND a beautiful lawn at the same time!   Really!!!

Do you have trouble with:
– Dead spots in your grass areas
– Muddy paw prints on your carpets (and furniture) or in your home
– Dirty dogs to bathe constantly
– A dirty dog smell in your home
– Urine smell in your yard
– Pets tracking urine or feces in on their paws
– Pet sensitivity to fertilizers and other lawn chemicals
– Pet allergies to pollen
– Pests or insects in your lawn (fleas, ticks, fire ants, etc.)

With EasyTurf artificial grass, you get to reclaim your weekends because you won’t be spending them working on your lawn!

– Never mow, water or fertilize again.  Saves time, saves money, saves resources.
– No more dead patches or mud spots… no more dirty dog paws inside your home!
– No more grass destroying insect problems.
– A beautiful lawn and a dog?  Now it’s a reality!
– Non-allergenic so you can be outside enjoying your yard year round.
– Always lush and green with an estimated lifespan of 15 to 20+ years!
– Environmentally friendly!

The brief time-lapse video below helps share what we at AlternaScapes do to make an area beautiful, lasting and trouble-free for many years in the tough Florida climate. Many people are amazed by all the unseen preparation work that goes into an artificial turf installation.


Installing EasyTurf artificial grass in your dog run area will make your dogs cleaner and healthier (keeping them out of chemicals!) and will make you happier. No more dirt, mud or grass tracked back into your home on a rainy day. Every step of the installation process is as important as the artificial grass itself in completing a beautiful and functional dog run area that will stand the test of time (and your dogs!).

We would love to answer your questions about artificial turf.  Call us at 800-445-2944.

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