Artificial Turf Playgrounds Are a Hit with Kids and Schools

April 19, 2017

Make your playground more beautiful – and safer – with the addition of artificial turf

Artificial turf playgrounds are widely being used at schools, churches and day care centers.

More and more schools and recreation departments are installing artificial turf to replace natural sod playgrounds and ball fields. Communities like that artificial turf playgrounds require less maintenance and are built for durability and high foot traffic. Natural playgrounds can get worn down easily and require regular maintenance to keep them in top form. Playgrounds get more play than household lawns and need to be durable and long lasting. When synthetic turf is installed it provides a safe foundation for kids and encourages active play with less injuries and allergies.

Artificial grass is what the safest and strongest playgrounds are made of. Learn how synthetic turf is making playgrounds safer in communities near and far.

artificial turf playgrounds
Playgrounds are better with artificial grass.

Less Allergies and More Play

Kids who have bad allergies can find it hard to thrive and stay active on an outdoor playground. Natural grass is full of allergens and pollen.  Synthetic turf playgrounds produce no pollen. The only pollen exposure for children would be from nearby trees that may be close to the playground. Artificial turf makes playgrounds safer and more accessible for all kids, no matter if they have allergies or not!

No Toxic Chemicals

Normal sod lawns are kept thriving up by using pesticides and fertilizers. Some of these chemicals that used to help your grass thrive and kill weeds and insects can be potent.

Synthetic grass playgrounds do not require and pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals to stay healthy. Weeds do not grow in artificial grass and ants do not thrive within the turf foundation fibers. So weed killer and insect killer will also be eliminated. Synthetic grass is providing a safe and organic foundation because it does not need any chemicals to thrive.

artificial turf playgrounds
Kids love playing on artificial grass.

Optimal Drainage

Artificial grass is perfect for ball fields and playgrounds because it equipped with optimal drainage. Natural playgrounds can remain soaked for days after a big rainstorm, but synthetic grass dries fast with no worries of standing water or puddles. Kids can play more safely because they won’t be slipping in mud puddles or wet grass. Artificial turf helps to reduce weather related reduce injuries that are commonly found on playground build on a natural grass foundation.


Artificial turf playgrounds allow your kids to play on a traditional looking playground and still get a more durable play experience. The durability of a artificial grass playground is unmatched with it’s shock absorbing infill materials that have proven fall safety capabilities. The severity of the falls is lessened by the infill systems. That means less bruises, scrapes and cuts for your kids.

Even Playing Surface

Parents know that no play foundation is going to be accident free. A lot of natural grass accidents occur because of uneven terrain. Grass can wear thin with heavy foot traffic and divots can appear. Play areas experience heavy foot traffic and can result in uneven or eroded ground. Artificial grass playground turf areas provide a more safe play experience because they remain at a constant height and will not become uneven due to weather conditions or heavy playground play.

Less Access to Bacteria

artificial turf playgrounds
Artificial grass playgrounds are a smart option for schools, churches and day care centers.

Playgrounds are full of bacterial agents. Depending on the size and popularity of your playground will determine how much exposure your kids may come in contact with. Artificial grass has less potential for bacterial growth because its turf fibers contain anti-microbial agents. These agents fend off bacteria and viruses that attempt to thrive in it and give your kids a safer play experience.

Uneven ground, excessive pollen and standing water are just a few of the reasons why natural grass is dangerous for your kids. Kids will always find a way to have accidents and acquire bruises and scrapes, but artificial turf works hard to lessen those accidents and allergens. Artificial turf playgrounds are more cost efficient because they require less maintenance and are long lasting. Artificial grass playgrounds are also making playgrounds safer for your kids than ever before. Your kids deserve a playground that provides more cushion for falls, optimal drainage, less chemicals and bacteria and allows them to play hard, but safe. There’s a reason why artificial grass is becoming the go-to foundation for playgrounds and it’s because it provides the safest play experience.

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