Budget Lawn Ideas: Artificial Turf and More

July 23, 2019

Budget Lawn Ideas

Replacing your lawn with artificial turf is a project that reaps big rewards. Artificial turf is low-maintenance, environmentally friendly. It will save you a ton of money on your water bills. Moreover, it even stays crisp, lush, and green through dry winter months.

But sometimes, it’s just not feasible for those on a budget to replace their entire lawn with artificial turf. Lawns can stretch for acres, and even with its water-saving elements, replacing a lawn solely with artificial turf can be a significant expenditure.

If you want to save money with a new lawn, your vision for a new front and backyard doesn’t have to mean covering your ENTIRE lawn in artificial turf. Thankfully, there are money-saving shortcuts that still employ the use of artificial grass, but combine other lively elements.

If you’re on a budget, we have some smart front and backyard solutions. It looks great and don’t empty your wallet.


Make a Rock Garden


Installing a rock garden alongside artificial turf is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most attractive ways to fill space in any front or backyard. A variation of garden rocks, crushed stone, and gravel can be assorted by color and organized into appealing designs. Moreover, it is a great way to outline edible gardens, trees, and artificial turf.


Create a Walkway


Budget Lawn Ideas

Sizable blocks of stone can be found relatively cheap at home and garden outlets. These are a cost-effective design element for outdoor space. And instead of cutting artificial turf to line the stone, use mulch to pad the stone steps a few feet on either side and then enclose the mulch with artificial turf.


Pavers: Introducing Your New Patio


Budget Lawn Ideas

Instead of a single-toned grassy lawn, you can add an element of colorful relaxation. You can use pavers to morph a chunk of outdoor space into a budget-friendly patio. Depending on your design preferences, you can use brick, rustic stone, or even concrete blocks to spice up your open-air environment.

Natural stone pavers complement any yard space. Moreover, it can be cut into shapes that fit the design of any patio or walkway. They can be an area of respite for lounging around fountains and fire pits and are a great way to add elegance to an outdoor entertaining area.


Break up Green Space with Mulch


Budget Lawn Ideas

Using mulch alongside artificial turf is an effective way to break up green space. Moreover, it makes room for the garden of your dreams. As gardening’s secret weapon, mulch makes planting an edible garden, trees, or beautiful rows of flowers much healthier, contributing to soil fertility and weed control.

Plus, mulch is incredibly cheap and like artificial turf, doesn’t need much maintenance (if you buy organic mulch, you’ll need to re-mulch once annually). And the creative bounds with mulch are endless. You can frame your favorite tree in the mulch. Create an eye-popping flowerbed, or use a dark mulch to accent bright green bushes.

Don’t forget to implement cost-effective artificial turf into your budget lawn ideas. Contact EasyTurf for your new low-maintenance lawn.

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