Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Your Miami Home

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Enjoy a water-conscious landscape that’s easy to maintain and green year round with artificial grass in Miami.

Miami best artificial grass

Why choose EasyTurf?
Our quality artificial grass has become a proven landscaping alternative to natural lawns. It eliminates watering, mowing, fertilizing, and chemicals. EasyTurf’s synthetic grass will provide you with a beautiful artificial lawn without the hassle and expense of trying to maintain a problem-plagued natural lawn.

Artificial grass in Miami will help with:

✔ Reduces outdoor water usage by up to 70% AND save on your water bill.
✔ No carbon emissions from lawnmowers.
✔ No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers that pollute natural water supplies.
✔ Get your weekends back with no more mowing or fertilizing.
✔ Green all-year-round!
✔ Esthetically appealing increasing curb appeal.
✔ Great for kids & pets!

EasyTurf’s artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself.
This artificial turf for your home is a complete landscape system.

Beautiful Ft. Lauderdale lawn with artificial grass

The artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades.

EasyTurf artificial grass for residential landscape matches the look and feel of real grass, and artificial grass requires little to no maintenance.

Miami premium artificial grass installations

Keep your residence looking pristine with artificial grass landscaping from EasyTurf, your artificial turf Florida company.

Artificial lawn Hollywood Florida real looking no maintenance

Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Landscape with Artificial Grass

Dress up the spaces in your backyard with a pop of artificial grass. EasyTurf artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution to adding texture and color to your yard.


  • Driveway. The typical driveway is paved with boring slabs of concrete. Tan and one-dimensional, these driveways add nothing conceptually and aesthetically to the front of the home. Adding artificial grass is a great way to spruce up the driveway.


  • Children’s Playground. An EasyTurf artificial grass playground surface is safer, cleaner and more comfortable than alternative options on the market. Using EasyTurf artificial grass underneath a playground structure offers a cushioned, soft play surface that children will enjoy over and over again. Artificial grass also eliminates children’s muddy feet and grass stains!


  • Pool. Using EasyTurf artificial grass around a pool is a great backyard solution. Real grass can track mud and dry grass into the pool, not to mention the fertilizers and chemicals that contaminate the pool. In addition, artificial grass can add a cool element of design that is unachievable with real grass.


  • Bocce ball or Putting Green course. This is a great choice for a family friendly backyard space that gets people interacting outside. Family and friends will play for hours on a bocce ball or putting green artificial grass course.


What do you think about these artificial turf applications? Let us know! We love seeing different applications of our products.

Throw an EPIC End of Summer Party

Use these simple tips to throw an epic end of summer party!

As this season quickly comes to an end it’s fun to look back and celebrate all the new memories from the summer. Plus any excuse to gather with friends outside is always a good idea. Break out the sunglasses and bathing suit for one last hurrah as we wave goodbye to summer in style.

  • Fire up the barbecue. An oldy but a goody! Everyone loves a good barbecue. Grill up hot dogs and burgers for a crowd pleasing treat. Upgrade your barbecue with a new set here
  • Build an Outdoor Fire Pit. A fire pit is attractive and functional as a great gathering place for friends and family.
  • Set Up a Game Space. Games like badminton, lawn bowling, and smash ball are fun outdoor games to get people up and moving
  • Freshen up your space with an inviting pergola or gazebo. This could be a fun challenge to build on yourself, or pick up a premade one here
  • Transform your dog run with EasyTurf artificial turf. It can be a nice outdoor place for your furry friend to play and will look great year round

Sizzling Summer Fun

It’s time for some Sizzling Summer Fun!

Ready for some summer fun?  Host a patriotic celebration this July and turn the traditional backyard BBQ into a sizzling summer fun event.

Here are some tips to make your 4th of July event the best on the block!

  • Keep It Simple
    • You won’t need much in the way of decorations for an outdoor backyard party. Tea lights in mason jars and white lights hung on the deck, or in a tree, add lots of ambiance without much fuss. Add in a few patriotic touches, like a group of small flags in a vase as a centerpiece and you are all set.
  • Make it Luckysizzling summer fun
    • Ask everyone to bring a dish to share so there are a variety of dishes and tastes…and there is less work for you! A buffet set-up, with all the food and dishes on one table, makes it quick and easy for guests to find what they want and make their own plates.
  • Keep it Traditional
    • As the host, you’ll likely be providing the main dishes.  By keeping the menu fairly traditional, your guests will know what to expect. Burgers and hot dogs with potato salad, baked beans and grilled corn on the cob are festive, easy recipes for a traditional 4th of July picnic or BBQ.
  • Make it Sparkle
    • Include some fireworks, if they are allowed in your area.  Sparklers are a family favorite, especially for the kids. To ensure safety, use paper cups, cut in half, to protect hands from the sparks and burning embers. And always be sure to use fireworks in a safe place, like a driveway or street, away from flammable materials and dry, grass areas.
  • Turn up the Volume
    • Include a soundtrack for the event, including festive, patriotic anthems that everyone can sing along to and enjoy.
  • Make a Splash
    • Include some simple backyard games for the kids and include the parents. Nothing says fun like a little friendly competition! Better yet, make it a pool party so everyone can take a dip in the pool and stay cool.

For other great event ideas, check out this great article.

And to ensure that the whole event is a success, consider having EasyTurf artificial grass installed in your backyard. Lush, green and always gorgeous, artificial grass is the perfect backdrop for a sizzling summer fun event!  Call us for a free design consultation – 800-445-2944.

summer fun


Summer Clean-Up

Let’s Jump into Summer Clean-up


Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and Summer is upon us. It’s time again to clear away our Winter gear and start the Summer-Clean-up! 

People think of Spring cleaning as household chores like cleaning windows and wiping down baseboards but many people don’t think about Summer Clean-up in the yard. It’s important to get your home Summer-ready inside and outside.


summer clean-up
Marigolds are a great flower for the Florida climate.
  • Plant Sun-Friendly Flowers
    • Marigolds, Plumbago, Pentas, Lantana, Zinnia and Vincas are all flowers that thrive in the hot Florida summer climate. These flowering plants are perfect for Summer. The combination of flowers usher in a collage of vibrant colors and textures to your yard and landscape. Check out your local Home Depot or Lowes to pick some up. Keep an eye out for plants that haven’t bloomed yet and double check that they have a nice, developed root system.
  • Remove Mildew from Patio Furniture
    • Spray a light coat of undiluted white vinegar to furniture surface and gently wipe the mildew away. If the mildew doesn’t budge, use a stronger solution of undiluted white vinegar and scrub a bit harder with your cloth.
  • Pressure Wash the Patio
    • A pressure washer can quickly blast away built up dirt and grime in the blink of an eye. A pressure washer can be used on your fence, patio and deck space, exterior siding, garage door, and driveway. You can rent a pressure washer from a home development retailer or find a retailer online.
Summer Clean-up
Clean out those landscape beds and have EasyTurf artificial grass installed.
  • Create a Compost Bin
    • Now is the perfect time to create a compost bin! Compost bins are sustainable, great for the environment, and not as expensive as you’d think. Over time, you can use the sustainable nutrients to fertilize the flowers and trees in your backyard. To start your own, check out this blog to learn more.
  • Clean Up the Barbecue Grill
    • Dump out any old coals and scrub dirty grates. Inspect the grill for wear and general maintenance.
  • Clean out the Flower Beds
    • Summer is a good time to weed the flower beds, put down new mulch and trim up your landscape plants.  Trim the undergrowth and watch your plants flourish this summer!
  • Install Artificial Grass
    • EasyTurf artificial grass is the single best investment you can make on your backyard. It looks better than patchy dry grass, feels soft on bare feet, and requires virtually no maintenance.

With all these items checked off your list, you’ll be comfortably lounging outside in no time. To learn more about EasyTurf artificial grass, call (800)-445-2944. 


Summer Clean-up


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