Does your Tampa/St. Pete lawn need a makeover?

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Here are 5 fun idea’s on how EasyTurf’s Artificial Grass can improve your Tampa home

Tampa artificial grass

EasyTurf’s Tampa artificial grass is low-maintenance, environmentally friendly and stays green for all year round! Also, EasyTurf helps homeowners decrease landscape water usage by up to 70%? EasyTurf offers the best solution in having a drought-tolerant lawn plus our unique multi-colored blades match the look & feel of real grass.

Sometimes it’s just not feasible for those on a budget to replace their entire lawn with artificial turf. Lawns can stretch for acres, and even with its water-saving elements, replacing a lawn solely with artificial turf can be a significant expenditure.

If you want to save money with a new lawn, your vision for a new front and backyard doesn’t have to mean covering your entire lawn in artificial turf. Thankfully, there are money-saving shortcuts that still employ the use of artificial grass, while combining other lively elements.

Tampa artificial turf realistic looking

Here are 4 ideas on how artificial grass can improve your Tampa home:

  1. Design your own Rock Garden
    Installing a rock garden alongside artificial turf is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most attractive ways to fill space in any front yard or backyard. A variation of garden rocks, crushed stone, and gravel can be assorted by color and organized into appealing designs, and are a great way to outline edible gardens, trees, and artificial turf.
  2. Create a Walkway
    Sizable blocks of stone can be found relatively cheap at home and garden outlets and are a cost-effective design element for outdoor space. And instead of cutting artificial turf to line the stone, use mulch to pad the stone steps a few feet on either side and then enclose the mulch with artificial turf. You can use large rocks, pebbles, and other basic elements in order to create gardens that require no plants at all. They create fun garden effects appealing to the eyes!
  3. Pavers and your Patio
    Instead of a single-toned grassy lawn, you can add an element of colorful relaxation by using pavers to morph a chunk of outdoor space into a budget-friendly patio. Depending on your design preferences, you can use brick, rustic stone, or even concrete blocks to spice up your open-air environment.
    Natural stone pavers complement any yard space and can be cut into shapes that fit the design of any patio or walkway. Pavers are perfect to place around fountains, fire pits and a great way to add elegance to an outdoor entertaining area.
  4. Break up Green Space with Mulch
    Using mulch alongside tampa artificial turf is an effective way to break up green space and make room for the garden of your dreams. As gardening’s secret weapon, mulch makes planting an edible garden, trees, or beautiful rows of flowers much healthier, contributing to soil fertility and weed control.
    Plus, mulch is incredibly cheap and like artificial turf, it doesn’t need much maintenance (if you buy organic mulch, you’ll need to re-mulch once annually). You can frame your favorite tree in mulch, create an eye-popping flowerbed, or use dark mulch to accent bright green bushes.
    Don’t forget to implement cost-effective artificial turf into your budget lawn ideas.
  5. Artificial grass st. pete synthetic turf

Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Your Miami Home

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Enjoy a water-conscious landscape that’s easy to maintain and green year round with artificial grass in Miami.

Miami best artificial grass

Why choose EasyTurf?
Our quality artificial grass has become a proven landscaping alternative to natural lawns. It eliminates watering, mowing, fertilizing, and chemicals. EasyTurf’s synthetic grass will provide you with a beautiful artificial lawn without the hassle and expense of trying to maintain a problem-plagued natural lawn.

Artificial grass in Miami will help with:

✔ Reduces outdoor water usage by up to 70% AND save on your water bill.
✔ No carbon emissions from lawnmowers.
✔ No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers that pollute natural water supplies.
✔ Get your weekends back with no more mowing or fertilizing.
✔ Green all-year-round!
✔ Esthetically appealing increasing curb appeal.
✔ Great for kids & pets!

EasyTurf’s artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself.
This artificial turf for your home is a complete landscape system.

Beautiful Ft. Lauderdale lawn with artificial grass

The artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades.

EasyTurf artificial grass for residential landscape matches the look and feel of real grass, and artificial grass requires little to no maintenance.

Miami premium artificial grass installations

Keep your residence looking pristine with artificial grass landscaping from EasyTurf, your artificial turf Florida company.

Artificial lawn Hollywood Florida real looking no maintenance

The Benefits of Artificial Pool Turf

pool turf
Artificial grass is a smart option around pools.


Pool turf is artificial grass installed around pools. Having pool turf installed in your pool and patio area can completely transform the look and feel of your backyard, making it more inviting and beautiful. In general, artificial pool turf will make your backyard look much more organized, just because it always looks good, unlike natural grass. The problem with natural grass in pool areas is that the pool’s maintenance chemicals can kill the grass. What’s worse, people can track grass, dirt and mud into the pool. This isn’t ideal for anyone, and can even cause problems with the pool’s filter.

pool turf
Transform your pool area with artificial turf.

Maintaining a backyard pool isn’t easy. You have to balance the chlorine and other chemicals. You have to make sure that organic debris from the yard and surrounding doesn’t get tracked into the pool on dirty feet. Sometimes you’ll have to drain the pool to clean all of the hard to reach areas. Usually this type of work is best left to a professional. Either way, it’s going to cost a lot of time, money, or both. Combine that with the cost and time of maintaining your natural landscape, and you’ll either need to be very rich, or have a lot of free time. Most people are neither very rich, and if they are, they don’t have a lot of free time. But when getting artificial turf for pool areas, there are some additional benefits that you may not have considered.


We all want people to be safe, especially when we’re having backyard parties, or even just taking a leisurely swim. How many times have we been cautious when getting out of the pool? Wet pool decks can be very slick, and with excited kids, this can present a safety hazard. Falling on natural grass is obviously safer than falling on a cement pool deck, but keeping natural grass right next to the pool invites a host of other problems.

With Easy Turf’s artificial grass, you’ll immediately avoid these types of hazards. The traction of artificial turf is far better than the traction of cement, whether it’s wet or not. Getting pool turf allows you to rest easy, knowing that your family will be safer in your backyard.


pool turf
Enhance the beauty of your pool with artificial grass.

One of the biggest issues with natural grass is that it creates a mess of the yard. The grass sticks to feet, which then track grass clippings and other debris into the pool. While it may not be rainy right now, the wet season will be here in Florida soon and all that dirt, mud and yard debris will also end up being tracked into your home.  This requires additional maintenance, which is rarely fun. In addition to the mud, your pool is more vulnerable to collecting stray blades of grass from your lawn. This will mean you have to clean it more often, than if you choose artificial turf.

With artificial pool turf, the only thing you may track into the pool is stray bits of infill. If you end up going with a sand infill for your turf, you aren’t likely to track very much into the pool. This means that you’ll clean it less often, freeing you up to spend more of your time doing what you want.


With Easy Turf, you know you’re going with a quality product and a complete artificial grass system, installed by professionals. We have been in the turf business for 19 years and counting, and have installed thousands of artificial grass jobs. If you’re interested in getting artificial pool turf for your backyard, contact us today for a free design consultation!  Call 1-800-445-2944 or visit

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