Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Landscape with Artificial Grass

January 19, 2018

Dress up the spaces in your backyard with a pop of artificial grass. EasyTurf artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution to adding texture and color to your yard.


  • Driveway. The typical driveway is paved with boring slabs of concrete. Tan and one-dimensional, these driveways add nothing conceptually and aesthetically to the front of the home. Adding artificial grass is a great way to spruce up the driveway.


  • Children’s Playground. An EasyTurf artificial grass playground surface is safer, cleaner and more comfortable than alternative options on the market. Using EasyTurf artificial grass underneath a playground structure offers a cushioned, soft play surface that children will enjoy over and over again. Artificial grass also eliminates children’s muddy feet and grass stains!


  • Pool. Using EasyTurf artificial grass around a pool is a great backyard solution. Real grass can track mud and dry grass into the pool, not to mention the fertilizers and chemicals that contaminate the pool. In addition, artificial grass can add a cool element of design that is unachievable with real grass.


  • Bocce ball or Putting Green course. This is a great choice for a family friendly backyard space that gets people interacting outside. Family and friends will play for hours on a bocce ball or putting green artificial grass course.


What do you think about these artificial turf applications? Let us know! We love seeing different applications of our products.

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