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March 15, 2016

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EasyTurf artificial grass, installed by AlternaScapes.

There are three key components to artificial grass products.  In the last posting, we examined the first of the components – the grass fibers.

In this posting, we’ll examine the backing of the turf.

Key Component #2: The Backing of the Turf

EasyTurf is the only artificial grass manufacturer worldwide to offer a 100% permeable backing:  MAXXFLOW BACKING.

With a drainage rating in excess of 300 inches per hour, this proprietary backing design is exactly what you can count on to allow a consistent, high level of drainage through the EasyTurf landscape products for many years to come. Of course, any artificial grass product will be limited by current ground saturation levels but wouldn’t it be nice to know that your turf will ever be the problem?

Our competitors offer either hole punched or a felt‐like backing for their turfs. Hole punched turf drainage ranges begin (at most) at 40 inches per hour and quickly decline as these holes become clogged with dirt, dust and debris that will naturally settle into your grass areas over time.  Clogged holes = no drainage = standing water, mold, mildew… a mess!

The felt‐like backings of other turfs, while offering a high rate of drainage, have a tendency to retain some of the moisture draining through them. EasyTurf once tried this backing methods years ago and found that after repeated rainfalls or dogs urinating on the turf, the odors that built up became unbearable. This led to EasyTurf designing their now proven MaxxFlow backing system. Drainage problems solved!

We have a comparison video (hosted on YouTube) that you can view to see all three artificial grass backing styles tested for drainage. While this demonstration utilizes ketchup, mustard and ice cream to prove the drainage point, you can easily substitute dog urine and dog feces and end up with the same results.  Here is the video:

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