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Get Drought Tolerant Landscaping with Artificial Grass

May 12, 2017

Drought tolerant landscaping, a hot topic among homeowners and business owners right now, is a landscape design that utilizes plants and materials that do not require large amounts of water to maintain.

drought tolerant landscaping
Even though Florida is having a drought, you can still have a beautiful lawn.

If you live in Florida, you know how dry it has been for the last several months. The dry spell actually started in November of last year; it was the warmest and most dry December on record since 2010.  And just this week, it was announced that sixty-six percent of Florida is now in a drought condition, which is the highest percentage of any state, according to the US Drought Monitor. The northern parts of Florida are in an “extreme drought” state, the second-worst level on the drought scale.

Unfortunately, the drought is expected to persist, which could translate into major crop losses and water shortages.  The state has already issued Burn Bans, which prohibit the burning of yard debris.  Why the drastic measures?  A 400-acre fire in Lehigh Acres recently destroyed 13 homes and can be traced to a cigarette; already this year, over 126,000 acres have burned in Florida, surpassing the 5 year average of acreage burned for an entire year. Ironically, no part of Florida was in a drought state during the month of February; the uncommonly dry weather over the months of March and April have created a dire situation for the state’s water resources.

What does this mean to you?  Strict watering restrictions have already been instituted in Water Management Districts across the state, limiting not only the number of times residents are allowed to water their lawns but also what times residents can run their irrigation.  And the penalties for violations are costly. Florida homeowners already struggle with a number of challenges keeping their grass green: the sandy Florida soil, the dense shade of our beautiful oak trees and lawn pests, like chinch bugs, which can quickly and easily wipe out a gorgeous lawn in record time.  Now with strict water restrictions, homeowners are uncertain how to maintain a healthy-looking lawn without frequent watering.

The Best of Both Worlds

Water conservation and drought tolerant landscaping are now hot topics among Florida home and business owners. For many, the idea of drought tolerant landscaping means a lawn comprised of river rocks, which is unappealing and unattractive, because their largest concern with synthetics is artificial grass that looks just plain artificial.

drought tolerant landscaping
Create an inviting landscape with artificial grass.

The answer is EasyTurf artificial grass. EasyTurf’s artificial grass is perfect for Florida homes and businesses.  The artificial grass blades in our synthetic turf are varied in color, giving them the appearance of natural growing grass. Our grass is soft enough that you could run through it barefoot and never know the difference. Really!

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Most residential water use comes from outdoor irrigation. At EasyTurf, we proudly offer drought tolerant landscaping and an eco-friendly solution to lawn maintenance. Our natural-looking synthetic grass requires no watering, trimming or mowing, giving residents the ability to conserve water, while saving time and money that had previously been spent on lawn maintenance. An artificial grass lawn provides drought tolerant landscaping that actually enhances the curb appeal of your home without the maintenance, expense or wasted resources necessary to maintain a traditional landscape.

And the best part is, our artificial grass lawns stay green for decades. Our synthetic turf never withers or fades. Everyone will wonder how you grew such a beautiful lawn. Only you will know it is EasyTurf!






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