Survey reveals nice lawns improve property values by up to $100K

April 11, 2019

“93% of Raine & Horne real estate agents actually recommend their clients improve their lawns before selling their house”

Did you know having a nice lawn may improve your property value by up to $100K? A national survey conducted by real estate agents Raine & Horne has discovered that a neat, tidy and lush green lawn attracts buyers to a house. Of the real estate agents surveyed, 40% of agents believe a nicely presented lawn can boost your home’s value by 20%, while 23.3% of agents surveyed believed it could bolster your home’s value by 30%.

According to real estate agents, the main attraction of a lawn for buyers was the improved look and feel of the property (89%), added lifestyle and relaxation appeal (45%) and a safe playing area for the kids (42%).

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