Why Tampa and Sarasota Pet Owners Love EasyTurf

EasyTurf’s artificial grass for pets contains industry-leading drainage capabilities to help drain dog urine, along with its realistic look and feel. Because of its artificial grass durability, EasyTurf has proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and its low maintenance features make it easy to keep a beautiful, green lawn last all year!
Artificial lawn allergy free for pets - Great urine drainage

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Why choose EasyTurf?

✔ Drainage
• MaxxFlow, proprietary drainage technology, makes pet grass clean up quick and easy.

✔ No Discoloring
• EasyTurf’s artificial grass will not discolor or stain from dog urine

✔ No Muddy Pawprints
• Muddy paws and dirty pets are a thing of the past.

✔ Non-toxic
• EasyTurf’s artificial grass for dogs is safe and non-toxic, giving you peace of mind.

✔ Tough and Durable
• EasyTurf is durable, standing up to even the toughest of pets.

✔ No more brown spots and dead grass
• With EasyTurf dog grass, dead grass and brown spots are a thing of the past!

And most importantly: Dogs love it!

Pet-friendly artificial grass showing a Tampa dog happily rolling around in it.

“I have two dogs and decided this turf would help keep the dogs from bringing sand into my pool. The dogs LOVE it. I see them basking in the shade of my palm trees on this wonderful product. They quoted me a 3 day install, but the guys showed up early, worked late, and finished in two days instead of three. I am very pleased with the end result, and I have received nothing but compliments on how it looks.” – Mike M.


Check out THIS VIDEO to find out more

The Difference is in the Drainage
Drainage is of vital importance, especially for pets. EasyTurf’s pet turf products have a proprietary, 100% permeable, non-absorbent backing. EasyTurf’s backing drains 10 times faster than natural grass and better than any other synthetic turf surface available. Dog urine on artificial grass drains through with MaxxFlow.

Also, you will be happy to know that EasyTurf’s artificial grass can save thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering. Yay!

Here’s how it works:


Artificial grass dog urine drainage capabilities

Here’s How to Get Artificial Turf When You Have an HOA

Homeowners Associations (and their monthly fees) are a familiar entity for condo owners and those that live in certain residential communities. Upon purchasing a property, every owner agrees to pay all HOA dues in exchange for upkeep and repairs, and signs in agreement to a set of rules you must follow in order to live in the building or neighborhood.

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But something you may be wondering – especially if you’ve looked into water-saving opportunities – is if an HOA can govern your grass. Can they make rules about your ability to switch to low-maintenance, water-saving artificial turf?

Read on to find out.


Will My HOA Allow Artificial Grass?


If you’re an owner living in an area governed by an HOA that wants to transition your lawn to artificial grass, you may wonder whether or not this would be an impossible undertaking. To better understand this, let’s review what falls under an HOA’s responsibilities.

An HOA is not only answerable for maintaining common areas and making repairs, but they also create rules that define aesthetic guidelines for the community which they serve. For example, HOAs governing a residence with single-family homes may have a rule that specifies certain colors that owners may paint their homes. Right in line with this is the type of landscaping an owner can feature – and whether or not owners can install artificial grass.

Homeowners Association policies vary from group to group. While some associations are flexible with landscaping policies, others don’t allow individuals to install artificial grass – even in their own backyards. But are these HOAs an outright roadblock to artificial grass, or is there a way around the rulebook?


How to Get Artificial Grass if You Have an HOA




If your HOA’s policy allows for a smooth transition to artificial turf, you’re in the clear! If you’re unsure whether your HOA allows artificial turf or if they have a strict no-installation policy, here are a few things you can do to get your association to allow you to switch to water-saving, low-maintenance artificial grass:


Just Ask


While some may need extra convincing, some Homeowners Associations won’t stand in the way of an artificial turf conversion requested by a residence owner. Ask for a policy change, and remember, there’s power in numbers. Approach your HOA with a few neighbors that are also in agreement about switching to artificial grass.


Have an EasyTurf Design Consultant Do the Work


Instead of trying to explain the benefits of artificial grass to your association yourself, you can reach out to us and have one of our design consultants meet directly with your HOA contact. During our consultation, we take them through samples so they can see and feel the grass themselves. Moreover, we speak to them about water savings, drought-conscious landscaping, maintenance savings, and how it’s safer for pets and kids than normal grass.

Artificial turf is one of the best ways for landowners to conserve water, and if an HOA can be convinced to do an overhaul of artificial turf for the areas they manage, the investment would be well worth the savings in water and labor.

Get in contact with your HOA to express your interest in artificial grass, and let us come in with the rest of the details.


Start the HOA conversation today by calling EasyTurf at 866.327.9887

Sign up for a FREE design consultation today and ask us to speak with your Home Owner’s Association!

Inspired by Play: The History of Artificial Grass

Water-saving artificial turf is now commonplace in front yards and sports arenas across the globe. But the humble beginnings of artificial grass looked nothing like the turf of today. And the creation of artificial turf was inspired by a single idea—play.

The 1950s: Leveling the Playing Field


In the mid-1930s, Henry and Edsel Ford established The Ford Foundation. The mission to advance human welfare with scientific, academic, and charitable contributions. In the 1950s, The Ford Foundation conducted a study on youth fitness, and found notable differences in the physicality of rural and urban youth. Rural youth were in much better physical shape. And through the study, it was determined that the reasoning for this advantage was the difference in their playing surfaces.

Urban youth had the disadvantage of hard surfaces—asphalt, concrete, and flooring with little give. But around the same time, The Chemstrand Company, a subsidiary of Monsanto, was working to develop synthetic fiber carpeting. The two ideas naturally merged—Monsanto Industries, the Ford Foundation, and Chemstrand interlinked to create a synthetic fiber “carpet” that would serve as the perfect playing surface for indoor use.


The 1960s: The Birth of Artificial Turf

The new playing surface had to have distinct elements that made it safe for use in schools. The Creative Products group, an offshoot of Chemstrand’s organization, worked to develop a synthetic material that had adequate foot traction, weather drainage, wear resistance, and flame resistance.

In 1964, the first large-scale installation, called ChemGrass, was set at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. But it was next year’s event that set artificial turf’s wheels in motion.

In 1965, Judge Roy Hofheinz built the Astrodome—the world’s first domed stadium. The stadium was the first of its kind and was dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” upon completion. But due to the nature of the stadium, it was difficult to keep real grass alive. So the new home of the University of Houston’s football team installed ChemGrass in 1966, and the artificial grass was later called Astroturf, after the name of the stadium.

Astroturf’s popularity ignited immediately following its welcome arrival at the Astrodome. A patent for artificial turf was issued in 1967, and Indiana State University became the first outdoor stadium to install Astroturf that very year, followed by Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium, and Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium in the 1970s.


Second Generation Artificial Turf

In the 1970s, a new formula with a better aesthetic and less abrasive feel was introduced. “Shag turf” looked a tad better than its predecessor, but still didn’t make the cut for sports like soccer.

Turf of the 90s

The mid-90s are responsible for improvements to the fibers, using a blend of softer polyethylene blades to create a look and feel of real grass seen in yards and across athletic fields today. Instead of sand infill, crumb rubber infill was introduced, providing more comfort for athletic ventures.


Since the improvements of the 90s, there have been more advances that have brought artificial turf steps closer to real-life grass—like EasyTurf’s proprietary MaxxFlow technology, allowing for superior drainage and permeability. And as artificial turf further popularizes, we’ll be sure to see even better blades sprouting up at more homes and arenas in the coming years.


Ready to start saving by making the switch to artificial turf? EasyTurf’s unique artificial grass has never looked—or felt—so real.

Why EasyTurf Artificial Grass is the Best

artificial grass
EasyTurf Artificial Grass – the best choice for your home or business

Artificial grass is gaining popularity with home and business owners; here are a few of the reasons why EasyTurf is the best choice.


Artificial grass was originally created to replace organic grass surfacing for sports applications. Because of the many benefits over organic grass and the innovations in the look and feel of synthetic grass in the past ten years, artificial turf has morphed from a sports application to a solution for a wide variety of surfaces. From backyards to rooftops and airfields, hotels and resorts to theme parks and condominiums, artificial turf is an environmentally friendly landscape solution.

Synthetic grass is made up of fibers or yarn that are tufted or quilted into a synthetic grass backing. The turf is infilled with materials that help the blades stand up tall to match the appearance of a natural lawn. Today there are countless varieties of synthetic grass.  Artificial turf comes in varying heights, colors and yarn types.

EasyTurf artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. The artificial turf grass system includes preparation of the ground the synthetic grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial turf backing, the infill material used to keep the synthetic grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades. EasyTurf artificial grass matches the look and feel of real grass. Artificial turf grass requires little to no maintenance. Keep your residence looking pristine with artificial grass landscaping from EasyTurf, your Florida artificial turf company.


Industry Leader
– #1 Artificial Grass in America, EasyTurf is a FieldTurf Company

Best Drainage
– Proprietary MaxxFlow technology for amazingly fast, clean drainage, 100% permeable

Most installations
– With over 40,000 installations Nationwide, we know a thing or two about artificial grass

Most Realistic
– Unique multi-colored blades match the look and feel of real grass

Unmatched Warranty
– EasyTurf offers an incredible 15 year warranty

Most Realistic
– Unique multi-colored artificial grass blades intertwine to match the look and feel of real grass

Made in the USA
– We manufacture our grass right here in the USA, giving you peace of mind

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of EasyTurf artificial grass for your home or business, call us at 1-800-445-2944 or visit www.JustLikeGrass.com for a free design consultation.

Artificial Turf Playgrounds Are a Hit with Kids and Schools

Make your playground more beautiful – and safer – with the addition of artificial turf

Artificial turf playgrounds are widely being used at schools, churches and day care centers.

More and more schools and recreation departments are installing artificial turf to replace natural sod playgrounds and ball fields. Communities like that artificial turf playgrounds require less maintenance and are built for durability and high foot traffic. Natural playgrounds can get worn down easily and require regular maintenance to keep them in top form. Playgrounds get more play than household lawns and need to be durable and long lasting. When synthetic turf is installed it provides a safe foundation for kids and encourages active play with less injuries and allergies.

Artificial grass is what the safest and strongest playgrounds are made of. Learn how synthetic turf is making playgrounds safer in communities near and far.

artificial turf playgrounds
Playgrounds are better with artificial grass.

Less Allergies and More Play

Kids who have bad allergies can find it hard to thrive and stay active on an outdoor playground. Natural grass is full of allergens and pollen.  Synthetic turf playgrounds produce no pollen. The only pollen exposure for children would be from nearby trees that may be close to the playground. Artificial turf makes playgrounds safer and more accessible for all kids, no matter if they have allergies or not!

No Toxic Chemicals

Normal sod lawns are kept thriving up by using pesticides and fertilizers. Some of these chemicals that used to help your grass thrive and kill weeds and insects can be potent.

Synthetic grass playgrounds do not require and pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals to stay healthy. Weeds do not grow in artificial grass and ants do not thrive within the turf foundation fibers. So weed killer and insect killer will also be eliminated. Synthetic grass is providing a safe and organic foundation because it does not need any chemicals to thrive.

artificial turf playgrounds
Kids love playing on artificial grass.

Optimal Drainage

Artificial grass is perfect for ball fields and playgrounds because it equipped with optimal drainage. Natural playgrounds can remain soaked for days after a big rainstorm, but synthetic grass dries fast with no worries of standing water or puddles. Kids can play more safely because they won’t be slipping in mud puddles or wet grass. Artificial turf helps to reduce weather related reduce injuries that are commonly found on playground build on a natural grass foundation.


Artificial turf playgrounds allow your kids to play on a traditional looking playground and still get a more durable play experience. The durability of a artificial grass playground is unmatched with it’s shock absorbing infill materials that have proven fall safety capabilities. The severity of the falls is lessened by the infill systems. That means less bruises, scrapes and cuts for your kids.

Even Playing Surface

Parents know that no play foundation is going to be accident free. A lot of natural grass accidents occur because of uneven terrain. Grass can wear thin with heavy foot traffic and divots can appear. Play areas experience heavy foot traffic and can result in uneven or eroded ground. Artificial grass playground turf areas provide a more safe play experience because they remain at a constant height and will not become uneven due to weather conditions or heavy playground play.

Less Access to Bacteria

artificial turf playgrounds
Artificial grass playgrounds are a smart option for schools, churches and day care centers.

Playgrounds are full of bacterial agents. Depending on the size and popularity of your playground will determine how much exposure your kids may come in contact with. Artificial grass has less potential for bacterial growth because its turf fibers contain anti-microbial agents. These agents fend off bacteria and viruses that attempt to thrive in it and give your kids a safer play experience.

Uneven ground, excessive pollen and standing water are just a few of the reasons why natural grass is dangerous for your kids. Kids will always find a way to have accidents and acquire bruises and scrapes, but artificial turf works hard to lessen those accidents and allergens. Artificial turf playgrounds are more cost efficient because they require less maintenance and are long lasting. Artificial grass playgrounds are also making playgrounds safer for your kids than ever before. Your kids deserve a playground that provides more cushion for falls, optimal drainage, less chemicals and bacteria and allows them to play hard, but safe. There’s a reason why artificial grass is becoming the go-to foundation for playgrounds and it’s because it provides the safest play experience.

Rains bring out Bufo Toads, Hazardous to Pets :: Tampa Bay, FL


Keep your pets away from toads. This is the Bufo Marinus, which can be fatal to pets.

We originally published this post last year but it certainly bears repeating.

If you live in Florida, you know that the dog days of summer usher in the rainy season.  It is not unusual to see a brief, heavy rainstorm every afternoon, accompanied by thunder and lightning. 

The Giant Toad, (also known as the Marine Toad or the Cane Toad), typically burrows in the ground.  When there is heavy rain on saturated ground, these Giant Toads can’t stay underground and are more likely to be seen, and encountered, by pets.  The resulting situation can be deadly for our precious pets. 

They secrete a toxic, milky substance that is extremely poisonous to dogs, cats and other pets.

Officially known as Bufo Marinus, most people refer to them as Bufo Toads.   These are the largest of the Florida toads and can grow to 9 inches in length and can weigh more than 2 pounds.  Giant Toads prefer developed areas, where they utilize man-made bodies of water to spawn.  They are omnivores, and will eat small amphibians, insects and even pet food!   Since they are so large, they are unable to flee when approached by a predator, so their defense mechanism is the highly toxic milky white poison that is secreted by glands behind their head.

These nasty creatures are not native to Florida; they were brought here to help control insect populations in sugar cane fields in the 1960s.  They like sitting in lighted areas, like porches or near your coach lights on your garage and eating the insects that are attracted to the lights.  Because of their close proximity to doorways, they can easily come in contact with your pets. 

Small pets can die quickly after biting a Giant Toad but large pets can also be severely affected.  If your pet bites one of these toads, immediately wash out their mouths, clean their paws and take them directly to the vet.  Wash your hands after contact and avoid touching your face. 

There is good news.  Artificial grass by AlternaScapes prevents the toads from burrowing beneath the surface of your lawn so the likelihood of the presence of these toads is greatly reduced.  To find out more about an EasyTurf artificial grass solution, call us at 1-800-445-2944 or visit our website at www.JustLikeGrass.com.  Estimates are always free and there is no obligation.

For more information, see these resources:




The AlternaScapes Blog Welcomes You :: Sarasota, FL

White-06-2013-lowas99dollarspermonth,artificial grass,tampa bay,alternascapes,Sarasota,fl,puttinggreen,private,syntheticturf,artificialturf,syntheticgrass,fakegrass,residential,affordable,free estimate,happyclient,testimonials,backyardparadise,backyardoasisSarasota,FL
This beautiful backyard is now an oasis, with the addition of EasyTurf artificial grass.

Hello and welcome to the blog for AlternaScapes!  We are very excited that you are here and look forward to sharing our amazing product line with you. 

AlternaScapes represents EasyTurf by EasyTurf Tarkett, the largest and most successful artificial turf company in the world.  In fact, EasyTurf’s slogan is “The Greatest Turf on Earth”.  That pretty much says it all…  Our diverse product lines offer you the ability to select a product that is uniquely designed to fit every need and application.

We offer artificial turf for a number of different applications – playground surfacing, pet care facilities, residential lawns, commercial properties and even putting greens!  If you have a problem area, chances are we have a turf that will solve your issue. 

First impressions and curb appeal are tied into the landscaping for your property and an EasyTurf artificial grass lawn is a cleaner, more attractive lawn. Soft to the touch, lush and green in appearance, it is the perfect solution for difficult to maintain grass areas and areas that suffer due to foot traffic, pet traffic, too much shade or too little water.

 An AlternaScapes installation of EasyTurf synthetic turf can last 15 to 25 years and helps cut recurring landscape costs significantly.   It’s environmentally friendly and is the ultimate in Green Building. 

In our blog, we’ll update you on exciting new projects and offer insights on how our products can solve your lawn problems.  Plus, we’ll offer ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, so you can see for yourself what an incredible difference EasyTurf can make.

So, please join us on our journey….and discover why EasyTurf by EasyTurf is ‘The Greatest Turf on Earth’. 


The Lawn Of Your Dreams For As Little As $99 Per Month

aslowas99dollarspermonth,artificial grass,tampa bay,alternascapes,Sarasota,fl,puttinggreen,private,syntheticturf,artificialturf,syntheticgrass,fakegrass,residential,affordable,free estimate,happyclient,testimonials,backyardparadise,backyardoasis

Now you can have the lawn of your dreams starting as low as just $99 per month with our EasyPay program.

Now you can get the lawn of your dreams starting as low as just $99 a month with our EasyPay program.
Never before has an artificial grass solution been more affordable for homeowners.


          You pay for watering your lawn.

          You pay for fertilizing your lawn.

        *   You pay for mowing your lawn.

At the end of it all, is it ever as nice as you would like it to be?

Now you can put those monthly costs to work for you and solve your lawn problems once and for all!
Our EasyPay program (for residential clients only) has a fixed 6.99% interest rate with 60 monthly payments.  After just 5 years, your payments have ended and your EasyTurf artificial grass lawn is still under warranty!  (We also have a 60 month payment program for our commercial clients – call and ask for details.)

It takes about an hour of your time to get a free estimate, learn about all of our EasyTurf artificial grass options and selections, learn about the installation process as it applies to your yard areas and get an accurate price estimate.  We will be sure to provide you with a 60 month payment option pricing as well.

There is no obligation.  Call today to schedule your free estimate: 1-800-445-2944 or just fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will be contacting you shortly!

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