Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Your Miami Home

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Enjoy a water-conscious landscape that’s easy to maintain and green year round with artificial grass in Miami.

Miami best artificial grass

Why choose EasyTurf?
Our quality artificial grass has become a proven landscaping alternative to natural lawns. It eliminates watering, mowing, fertilizing, and chemicals. EasyTurf’s synthetic grass will provide you with a beautiful artificial lawn without the hassle and expense of trying to maintain a problem-plagued natural lawn.

Artificial grass in Miami will help with:

✔ Reduces outdoor water usage by up to 70% AND save on your water bill.
✔ No carbon emissions from lawnmowers.
✔ No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers that pollute natural water supplies.
✔ Get your weekends back with no more mowing or fertilizing.
✔ Green all-year-round!
✔ Esthetically appealing increasing curb appeal.
✔ Great for kids & pets!

EasyTurf’s artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself.
This artificial turf for your home is a complete landscape system.

Beautiful Ft. Lauderdale lawn with artificial grass

The artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades.

EasyTurf artificial grass for residential landscape matches the look and feel of real grass, and artificial grass requires little to no maintenance.

Miami premium artificial grass installations

Keep your residence looking pristine with artificial grass landscaping from EasyTurf, your artificial turf Florida company.

Artificial lawn Hollywood Florida real looking no maintenance

Here’s How to Get Artificial Turf When You Have an HOA

Homeowners Associations (and their monthly fees) are a familiar entity for condo owners and those that live in certain residential communities. Upon purchasing a property, every owner agrees to pay all HOA dues in exchange for upkeep and repairs, and signs in agreement to a set of rules you must follow in order to live in the building or neighborhood.

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But something you may be wondering – especially if you’ve looked into water-saving opportunities – is if an HOA can govern your grass. Can they make rules about your ability to switch to low-maintenance, water-saving artificial turf?

Read on to find out.


Will My HOA Allow Artificial Grass?


If you’re an owner living in an area governed by an HOA that wants to transition your lawn to artificial grass, you may wonder whether or not this would be an impossible undertaking. To better understand this, let’s review what falls under an HOA’s responsibilities.

An HOA is not only answerable for maintaining common areas and making repairs, but they also create rules that define aesthetic guidelines for the community which they serve. For example, HOAs governing a residence with single-family homes may have a rule that specifies certain colors that owners may paint their homes. Right in line with this is the type of landscaping an owner can feature – and whether or not owners can install artificial grass.

Homeowners Association policies vary from group to group. While some associations are flexible with landscaping policies, others don’t allow individuals to install artificial grass – even in their own backyards. But are these HOAs an outright roadblock to artificial grass, or is there a way around the rulebook?


How to Get Artificial Grass if You Have an HOA




If your HOA’s policy allows for a smooth transition to artificial turf, you’re in the clear! If you’re unsure whether your HOA allows artificial turf or if they have a strict no-installation policy, here are a few things you can do to get your association to allow you to switch to water-saving, low-maintenance artificial grass:


Just Ask


While some may need extra convincing, some Homeowners Associations won’t stand in the way of an artificial turf conversion requested by a residence owner. Ask for a policy change, and remember, there’s power in numbers. Approach your HOA with a few neighbors that are also in agreement about switching to artificial grass.


Have an EasyTurf Design Consultant Do the Work


Instead of trying to explain the benefits of artificial grass to your association yourself, you can reach out to us and have one of our design consultants meet directly with your HOA contact. During our consultation, we take them through samples so they can see and feel the grass themselves. Moreover, we speak to them about water savings, drought-conscious landscaping, maintenance savings, and how it’s safer for pets and kids than normal grass.

Artificial turf is one of the best ways for landowners to conserve water, and if an HOA can be convinced to do an overhaul of artificial turf for the areas they manage, the investment would be well worth the savings in water and labor.

Get in contact with your HOA to express your interest in artificial grass, and let us come in with the rest of the details.


Start the HOA conversation today by calling EasyTurf at 866.327.9887

Sign up for a FREE design consultation today and ask us to speak with your Home Owner’s Association!

Artificial Turf for Small Budgets: Front Yards Only

Artificial Grass for Front Lawn

The positive lasting effects of artificial turf begin on the first day of your new yard and compile into a big heap of savings over time. The cost savings from not having to water a grassy lawn alone are enough to make the switch from thirsty grass blades, but if you combine this with the savings in labor, your uptick in curb appeal, and the non-toxic elements of EasyTurf, artificial turf is a no-brainer for homes everywhere.

But even though artificial turf saves you a ton of money and time down the line, some homeowners don’t have the up-front costs it takes to transform their front and backyard into a pristine, low-maintenance lawn. But instead of doing a complete overhaul on every single blade of grass on your property, we have a small-budget solution for you.


Artificial Grass for Your Front Lawn


Instead of investing in a lawn turnover of both your front and back yard, it may be in your best cost-saving interest to change over only your front yard to artificial grass. Doing so could end up working out to a fraction of the cost of what it may be to change over your entire green space.


Reasons to Give Your Front Yard a Facelift With Artificial Grass


Artificial Grass for Front Lawn

Curb appeal: For nearly every home, the centerpiece of your exterior is your front yard. If you change over your front yard to artificial grass, you’ll have a lush, green, real-looking artificial grassy lawn free of brown spots and extensive labor. Level up your curb appeal and allow your front lawn to be the crown jewel of your block by switching over to artificial grass.

Square footage: If you want to get artificial grass with a small budget, it’s better to start off with a smaller area. For most houses, this means a front yard. Backyards typically cover a lot more ground and can be a significant portion of the cost makeup of a quote for artificial grass. If you decide to only get artificial turf for your front yard, you can always enlist in artificial grass for your backyard at a later time when you have more budget.

No Landscaper Fees: When you change over to artificial turf, your maintenance costs and labor time in the yard plummet. That means you’ll no longer have to pay a landscaper to spruce up your front yard or trim your grass every few weeks, potentially saving you hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars a year. If you have a backyard, you still may need to pay a landscaper to tend to that area, but your costs should be lowered if they no longer need to care for your front yard.

Artificial Grass for Front Lawn

Our Artificial Turf is the Same Used by Pro Athletes

When weighing decisions to unearth your lawn for artificial grass, the benefits are apparent. Therefore, you’ll save unprecedented amounts of money on your water bill, you won’t need a constant stream of harmful pesticides, and you’ll have a low-maintenance slice of green that livens up your home.


Artificial Turf

While these are givens, many lawn-owners are hesitant to make the switch, and rightfully so. So, what about an artificial lawn’s durability? Will it feel like my grassy lawn? Will artificial turf stand up to the sun, weather, wrestling kids, and messy pets?

The answer to all of these and more is a resounding yes. And just why are we so confident?

We’re going to show you exactly why our residential turf not only meets but exceeds homeowners’ standards.


The FieldTurf Standard


EasyTurf is part of FieldTurf, the single most trusted artificial turf brand in the sporting industry. Across the globe, soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, and other sporting stadiums are outfitted with FieldTurf’s artificial grass. Turf is fine-tuned to each sport, and through precision craftsmanship, they’ve made over 20,000 installations.

We’ve taken it one step further by implementing FieldTurf’s ingenuity and expertise outside the field, and into America’s lawns.


What Does This Mean for my Home?


As part of the FieldTurf family, it means we’re taking zero shortcuts. Your home will be equipped with the same quality grass that’s used by professional NFL players.

A sporting field equipped with artificial turf must give athletes optimum safety and performance features to minimize risk and help them achieve peak functionality. But equally, stadium owners require a grass-like lawn that will stand up to hours of rigorous practice and game time. Cleats, tackles, and constant use aren’t easy on grass. But kids and pets can come pretty close to the wear and tear of professional athletes.

Artificial Turf

FieldTurf has installed turf in over 3,000 fields that have lasted eight or more years. And many of these companies have not even reached their eighth year in business.


The difference in the turf is the quality of the fibers and the heavy infill. Polymer Technology, UV inhibitors, and an innovative extrusion process make this exclusive artificial turf stand the tests of both time and force, and the science behind each individual blade is designed to outlast every competitor on the market.


All this and more carry over to your home’s new artificial turf. At EasyTurf, we use the highest-quality artificial turf specially engineered by FieldTurf, and it’s created to be realistic, durable, and safe for your home.


Rains bring out Bufo Toads, Hazardous to Pets :: Tampa Bay, FL


Keep your pets away from toads. This is the Bufo Marinus, which can be fatal to pets.

We originally published this post last year but it certainly bears repeating.

If you live in Florida, you know that the dog days of summer usher in the rainy season.  It is not unusual to see a brief, heavy rainstorm every afternoon, accompanied by thunder and lightning. 

The Giant Toad, (also known as the Marine Toad or the Cane Toad), typically burrows in the ground.  When there is heavy rain on saturated ground, these Giant Toads can’t stay underground and are more likely to be seen, and encountered, by pets.  The resulting situation can be deadly for our precious pets. 

They secrete a toxic, milky substance that is extremely poisonous to dogs, cats and other pets.

Officially known as Bufo Marinus, most people refer to them as Bufo Toads.   These are the largest of the Florida toads and can grow to 9 inches in length and can weigh more than 2 pounds.  Giant Toads prefer developed areas, where they utilize man-made bodies of water to spawn.  They are omnivores, and will eat small amphibians, insects and even pet food!   Since they are so large, they are unable to flee when approached by a predator, so their defense mechanism is the highly toxic milky white poison that is secreted by glands behind their head.

These nasty creatures are not native to Florida; they were brought here to help control insect populations in sugar cane fields in the 1960s.  They like sitting in lighted areas, like porches or near your coach lights on your garage and eating the insects that are attracted to the lights.  Because of their close proximity to doorways, they can easily come in contact with your pets. 

Small pets can die quickly after biting a Giant Toad but large pets can also be severely affected.  If your pet bites one of these toads, immediately wash out their mouths, clean their paws and take them directly to the vet.  Wash your hands after contact and avoid touching your face. 

There is good news.  Artificial grass by AlternaScapes prevents the toads from burrowing beneath the surface of your lawn so the likelihood of the presence of these toads is greatly reduced.  To find out more about an EasyTurf artificial grass solution, call us at 1-800-445-2944 or visit our website at www.JustLikeGrass.com.  Estimates are always free and there is no obligation.

For more information, see these resources:




The AlternaScapes Blog Welcomes You :: Sarasota, FL

White-06-2013-lowas99dollarspermonth,artificial grass,tampa bay,alternascapes,Sarasota,fl,puttinggreen,private,syntheticturf,artificialturf,syntheticgrass,fakegrass,residential,affordable,free estimate,happyclient,testimonials,backyardparadise,backyardoasisSarasota,FL
This beautiful backyard is now an oasis, with the addition of EasyTurf artificial grass.

Hello and welcome to the blog for AlternaScapes!  We are very excited that you are here and look forward to sharing our amazing product line with you. 

AlternaScapes represents EasyTurf by EasyTurf Tarkett, the largest and most successful artificial turf company in the world.  In fact, EasyTurf’s slogan is “The Greatest Turf on Earth”.  That pretty much says it all…  Our diverse product lines offer you the ability to select a product that is uniquely designed to fit every need and application.

We offer artificial turf for a number of different applications – playground surfacing, pet care facilities, residential lawns, commercial properties and even putting greens!  If you have a problem area, chances are we have a turf that will solve your issue. 

First impressions and curb appeal are tied into the landscaping for your property and an EasyTurf artificial grass lawn is a cleaner, more attractive lawn. Soft to the touch, lush and green in appearance, it is the perfect solution for difficult to maintain grass areas and areas that suffer due to foot traffic, pet traffic, too much shade or too little water.

 An AlternaScapes installation of EasyTurf synthetic turf can last 15 to 25 years and helps cut recurring landscape costs significantly.   It’s environmentally friendly and is the ultimate in Green Building. 

In our blog, we’ll update you on exciting new projects and offer insights on how our products can solve your lawn problems.  Plus, we’ll offer ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, so you can see for yourself what an incredible difference EasyTurf can make.

So, please join us on our journey….and discover why EasyTurf by EasyTurf is ‘The Greatest Turf on Earth’. 


The Lawn Of Your Dreams For As Little As $99 Per Month

aslowas99dollarspermonth,artificial grass,tampa bay,alternascapes,Sarasota,fl,puttinggreen,private,syntheticturf,artificialturf,syntheticgrass,fakegrass,residential,affordable,free estimate,happyclient,testimonials,backyardparadise,backyardoasis

Now you can have the lawn of your dreams starting as low as just $99 per month with our EasyPay program.

Now you can get the lawn of your dreams starting as low as just $99 a month with our EasyPay program.
Never before has an artificial grass solution been more affordable for homeowners.


          You pay for watering your lawn.

          You pay for fertilizing your lawn.

        *   You pay for mowing your lawn.

At the end of it all, is it ever as nice as you would like it to be?

Now you can put those monthly costs to work for you and solve your lawn problems once and for all!
Our EasyPay program (for residential clients only) has a fixed 6.99% interest rate with 60 monthly payments.  After just 5 years, your payments have ended and your EasyTurf artificial grass lawn is still under warranty!  (We also have a 60 month payment program for our commercial clients – call and ask for details.)

It takes about an hour of your time to get a free estimate, learn about all of our EasyTurf artificial grass options and selections, learn about the installation process as it applies to your yard areas and get an accurate price estimate.  We will be sure to provide you with a 60 month payment option pricing as well.

There is no obligation.  Call today to schedule your free estimate: 1-800-445-2944 or just fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will be contacting you shortly!

AlternaScapes artificial grass the “Turf of Choice” for 2 Walt Disney World projects in Orlando, Florida

Over the summer of 2011, AlternaScapes installed over 16,000 square feet of EasyTurf artificial grass at two different Walt Disney World properties.

Walt Disney’s All Star Sports Resort had their existing poured in place rubber surface covered by over 14,900 square feet of synthetic turf by AlternaScapes.  This football field “mock-up” features several different colors of artificial turf to create the famous “Statue of Liberty” football play and the Mickey Mouse logo inside a shield outline.


Walt Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort chose AlternaScapes to install our EasyTurf artificial grass for playground safety surfacing.  When we install our synthetic turf over our safety shock pad, our system meets the playground safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM F1292-04 for providing the proper level of safety for up to a 10 foot critical fall height!  As with all of our artificial grass installations, EasyTurf meets and exceeds wheelchair accessibility standards as well.


We believe we have an artificial grass solution for you!  Send us an email or call us at 1-800-445-2944 for more information and/or to sign up for a free estimate.


With artificial turf grass, what would my lawn look like in a few years?

This is a question that we get often, “What will it look like in a few years, after sun, weather and wear and tear?”  The answer, as you will see … is “Still soft, still lush, still green.”  Plus there was no need to water or mow or fertilize, for many years. (Think of the saved money and extra time!)

Below is a video from Tampa’s Fox 13 News about an artificial grass lawn we installed in Tampa Bay way back in 2001.  8 years later the artificial grass is just as green as it was when it was first installed.  The home owner still LOVES their artificial grass solution.   Please take a look, you may be surprised how long EasyTurf lasts and how good it looks. This is truly THE GRASS THAT LASTS™! (Be sure to note the yard next door … brown.)

We would love to answer any of your questions about anything to do with artificial turf. Feel free to send an email or give us a call at 800-445-2944.

How do you install artificial turf for a dog run?

Now you can have a dog AND a beautiful lawn at the same time!  The brief time-lapse video below helps share what we at AlternaScapes do to make an area beautiful, lasting and trouble-free for many years in the tough Florida climate. Many people are amazed by all the unseen preparation work that goes into an artificial turf installation.

Installing EasyTurf artificial grass in your dog run area will make your dogs cleaner and healthier (keeping them out of chemicals!) and will make you happier. No more dirt, mud or grass tracked back into your home on a rainy day. Every step of the installation process is as important as the artificial grass itself in completing a beautiful and functional dog run area that will stand the test of time (and your dogs!).

We would love to answer any of your questions about anything to do with artificial turf.  Feel free to send an email or give us a call at 800-445-2944.

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