Backyard Summer Fun Family Activities

Summer has finally arrived and with it comes lots of outdoor time. Make the most of the long, lazy days with these Backyard Summer fun ideas for the whole family.

Backyard Summer Fun
Backyard Summer Fun Family Activities

Summer days can be long and kids can get restless with endless hours to fill. It can be challenging to find games, activities and ideas to keep them entertained, aside from video games, TV shows and movies.

To keep the summer fun for the kids, we’ve compiled a list of fun, easy activities for kids – and the whole family – to enjoy, right in your own backyard.


1. Glow in the Dark Lawn Bowling
Get 10 large water bottles with flat bottoms.  Remove labels and drop in different color glow sticks.  Use a sturdy ball, like a soccer ball, to knock down the water bottle ‘pins’.  This fun activity can be enjoyed outdoors or indoors; it’s perfect for evening gatherings or slumber parties.

2. Balloon Pop
Players have a balloon tied to each of their ankles and everyone runs around the yard trying to pop other player’s balloons using their feet–whoever keeps their balloons intact the longest is the winner.

3. Bean Bag Ladder Toss
This game is super quick and easy!  Grab a ladder from your garage and assign values to each rung on the ladder.  Throw bean bags (or tennis balls) through the ladder holes and tally up the points.  The whole family will love this one! Full instructions at Landeelu.

4. Tarp Slide
You have probably seen or heard of people using tarps to create a DIY backyard slip-and-slide.  It’s quick and easy – secure the corners, use a generous amount of dish soap to make it slippery and add a water hose.

5. Tarp Toss
You can also use a tarp as target practice by cutting out shapes in the tarp and stringing it up between trees.  This makes a simple game of toss a ton more fun for the whole family.

6. Water Gun Cup Races
String up a few solo cups beside each other and use water guns to ‘race’ the cups from one end of the string to the other. Full instructions at All For The Boys.

7. Kid Croquet
Use hula hoops, cut in half, and stuck in the ground, and a beach ball to make a kid-friendly version of this traditional backyard game.

8. Ropes Course
Tie regular string to different obstacles in your yard – trees, chairs, playground equipment all work very well.  Wind the string back and forth at different heights and angles and challenge the kids – or adults – to find their way through the obstacle course.  Sure to provide lots of belly laughs!

9. Yard Dominoes
This tutorial teaches you how to make a beautiful (and huge!) domino set you’ll be using with your family for years and years to come. Full instructions at So You Think You’re Crafty.

10. Water Balloon Pinatas
Fill regular-sized balloons with water and tie them at different heights in a tree. Take a stick and start smashing those balloons for some refreshing backyard shenanigans.


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