Artificial Turf for Small Budgets: Front Yards Only

Artificial Grass for Front Lawn

The positive lasting effects of artificial turf begin on the first day of your new yard and compile into a big heap of savings over time. The cost savings from not having to water a grassy lawn alone are enough to make the switch from thirsty grass blades, but if you combine this with the savings in labor, your uptick in curb appeal, and the non-toxic elements of EasyTurf, artificial turf is a no-brainer for homes everywhere.

But even though artificial turf saves you a ton of money and time down the line, some homeowners don’t have the up-front costs it takes to transform their front and backyard into a pristine, low-maintenance lawn. But instead of doing a complete overhaul on every single blade of grass on your property, we have a small-budget solution for you.


Artificial Grass for Your Front Lawn


Instead of investing in a lawn turnover of both your front and back yard, it may be in your best cost-saving interest to change over only your front yard to artificial grass. Doing so could end up working out to a fraction of the cost of what it may be to change over your entire green space.


Reasons to Give Your Front Yard a Facelift With Artificial Grass


Artificial Grass for Front Lawn

Curb appeal: For nearly every home, the centerpiece of your exterior is your front yard. If you change over your front yard to artificial grass, you’ll have a lush, green, real-looking artificial grassy lawn free of brown spots and extensive labor. Level up your curb appeal and allow your front lawn to be the crown jewel of your block by switching over to artificial grass.

Square footage: If you want to get artificial grass with a small budget, it’s better to start off with a smaller area. For most houses, this means a front yard. Backyards typically cover a lot more ground and can be a significant portion of the cost makeup of a quote for artificial grass. If you decide to only get artificial turf for your front yard, you can always enlist in artificial grass for your backyard at a later time when you have more budget.

No Landscaper Fees: When you change over to artificial turf, your maintenance costs and labor time in the yard plummet. That means you’ll no longer have to pay a landscaper to spruce up your front yard or trim your grass every few weeks, potentially saving you hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars a year. If you have a backyard, you still may need to pay a landscaper to tend to that area, but your costs should be lowered if they no longer need to care for your front yard.

Artificial Grass for Front Lawn

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