Here’s How to Get Artificial Turf When You Have an HOA

Homeowners Associations (and their monthly fees) are a familiar entity for condo owners and those that live in certain residential communities. Upon purchasing a property, every owner agrees to pay all HOA dues in exchange for upkeep and repairs, and signs in agreement to a set of rules you must follow in order to live in the building or neighborhood.

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But something you may be wondering – especially if you’ve looked into water-saving opportunities – is if an HOA can govern your grass. Can they make rules about your ability to switch to low-maintenance, water-saving artificial turf?

Read on to find out.


Will My HOA Allow Artificial Grass?


If you’re an owner living in an area governed by an HOA that wants to transition your lawn to artificial grass, you may wonder whether or not this would be an impossible undertaking. To better understand this, let’s review what falls under an HOA’s responsibilities.

An HOA is not only answerable for maintaining common areas and making repairs, but they also create rules that define aesthetic guidelines for the community which they serve. For example, HOAs governing a residence with single-family homes may have a rule that specifies certain colors that owners may paint their homes. Right in line with this is the type of landscaping an owner can feature – and whether or not owners can install artificial grass.

Homeowners Association policies vary from group to group. While some associations are flexible with landscaping policies, others don’t allow individuals to install artificial grass – even in their own backyards. But are these HOAs an outright roadblock to artificial grass, or is there a way around the rulebook?


How to Get Artificial Grass if You Have an HOA




If your HOA’s policy allows for a smooth transition to artificial turf, you’re in the clear! If you’re unsure whether your HOA allows artificial turf or if they have a strict no-installation policy, here are a few things you can do to get your association to allow you to switch to water-saving, low-maintenance artificial grass:


Just Ask


While some may need extra convincing, some Homeowners Associations won’t stand in the way of an artificial turf conversion requested by a residence owner. Ask for a policy change, and remember, there’s power in numbers. Approach your HOA with a few neighbors that are also in agreement about switching to artificial grass.


Have an EasyTurf Design Consultant Do the Work


Instead of trying to explain the benefits of artificial grass to your association yourself, you can reach out to us and have one of our design consultants meet directly with your HOA contact. During our consultation, we take them through samples so they can see and feel the grass themselves. Moreover, we speak to them about water savings, drought-conscious landscaping, maintenance savings, and how it’s safer for pets and kids than normal grass.

Artificial turf is one of the best ways for landowners to conserve water, and if an HOA can be convinced to do an overhaul of artificial turf for the areas they manage, the investment would be well worth the savings in water and labor.

Get in contact with your HOA to express your interest in artificial grass, and let us come in with the rest of the details.


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