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December 2, 2013

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This back yard playground is a fun, safe place for children to play.

The Holiday Season is here!  The whirlwind of holiday happiness is upon us and most of us are busily preparing for the rounds of parties, gift-exchanges, and family gatherings.  In between the bouts of merriment you still have to find the perfect gifts for your family, friends and neighbors.  Stumped as to what to give your kids?

Kids want the latest and greatest toys but they usually end up playing with each new toy for just a few minutes.  After that, the must-have-toy ends up in the toy chest or  scattered in various places!  Games and books are great gifts but kids want something to PLAY with…so what’s a parent to do??

Kids want to run, play, jump and let out all that crazy energy, so why not give them the perfect place to run wild?   AlternaScapes can help!   We offer EasyTurf artificial grass for lawns, dog runs, and yes, even playgrounds.  With an open play space – or playground fort – your kids will have the perfect lawn for all their play times.   It’s soft, it’s easy to care for and it doesn’t require any kind of chemical pesticides or fertilizers!  Best of all, bugs don’t like it, so your kiddos won’t have to worry about fire ant bites or any other icky bugs.

Here’s more information:
The most exciting product to hit the playground surfacing market is EasyTurf for playground surfacing. Great for residential (and commercial!) applications, EasyTurf provides everything you could want from a playground surface.

Designed to look and feel like natural grass while providing superior protection against falls, cuts and abrasions, EasyTurf Playground is an essential part of any safe children’s play area. You can rest easy knowing that your child is playing on the safest turf on earth.

EasyTurf Playground also conforms to ADA requirements and requires little maintenance. The product’s drainage capacity is excellent, and play may resume shortly after a heavy rainfall.

Installation is performed by certified, trained personnel.
This holiday season, give your children a clean, beautiful play space that they will use all year long….with EasyTurf artificial grass.  Call AlternaScapes today for your FREE Design Consultation and Estimate – 1-800-445-2944.


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