How to Reclaim Your Weekends With Artificial Grass

May 10, 2019

Spring has arrived, summer is around the bend, and the last place anyone wants to be is trapped at home toiling in yardwork when there is fun to be had and shining sun to bask under.

But those with pristine, grassy lawns are often tethered to their homes, partaking in a significant amount of lawn maintenance and upkeep. An unkempt lawn tends to turn the loveliest of homes into the eyesore of the block rather quickly, and the sheer amount of labor it takes to maintain a grass lawn impinges upon precious weekend hours and time spent with family. Often times, caring for a lawn doesn’t feel worth the price of admission—especially amid summer months.

So just how much time does one spend caring for their lawn, you ask? Read along to find out, and unearth helpful tips on how to cut down lawn maintenance time while preserving a medal-worthy green lawn.

Caring For a Grass Lawn

Any traditional grass lawn requires considerable TLC. But the number of hours the average lawn-owner puts into their yard every week might come in as a bit of a shock.

In one week, those with a lawn spend an average of four hours engaging in yard maintenance—most of the work occurring during weekends. And with 52 weekends encompassing a year, the math adds up to an eye-popping 208 hours of annual yardwork.

As a society, we’re beginning to value time more than ever—but as the years pass by, it’s harder to find more hours in the day. But there’s a way to take back a few hours a week and add some relaxation, adventure, and excitement to your summer months.

Artificial Grass Gives You the Gift of Time

Besides water-saving characteristics and a laundry list of beneficial aspects, artificial grass is growing in popularity simply because of its ability to give people the freedom of time and energy.

Artificial grass opens more gateways for weekend trips with the family or the ability to hit the snooze button a few times. You’ll have more energy for wrestling with the kids or going to the gym with your partner, and you’ll never have to touch a lawn mower again. While your neighbors spend valuable hours and energy mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weeding, you’ll have a pristine, real looking and feeling yard—without the exhaustion.

You owe it to yourself. Take a backseat on yard work and let artificial grass give you more time to enjoy your summer.

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