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March 10, 2016

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EasyTurf artificial grass is a great alternative to organic grass.

Why choose EasyTurf artificial grass?

We asked the same question back in 1997 before we went into this business. Every day, we continue to ask this question to be certain that we are offering the absolute highest quality product to our clients and to ensure that there is measurable value beyond just a great product.

Unfortunately, not all artificial grass is created equal.  The three key components to all artificial grass products are the grass fibers, the backing of the turf and the warranty.  (We’ll examine each of these three key components separately.)  With the proper combination of all three, you can enjoy your artificial grass for many years to come…but using inferior, cheaper materials will always lead to disappointment, problems and failure.

Key Component #1: The Grass Fibers

Several EasyTurf artificial grass products including Select Blend, Versa Lush and Nutmeg Lush utilize the REVOLUTION GRASS BLADE.  While all of our competitor’s best products utilize either flat blade or single support spine technology, only the Revolution grass blade has support ridges built throughout each grass blade (11 along the back and 7 along the inside).

This multi‐ridged design eliminates the breaking points that plague single spine blades and provides the greatest resiliency. In addition, this supple, proprietary yarn polymer formulation includes industry leading ultraviolet inhibitor technology while reducing shine. Artificial grass doesn’t get (or look) any more real than this!

All EasyTurf products are 100% nylon free. Nylon grass fibers are 1960’s technology… like the kind used in AstroTurf® many years ago. Nylon grass fibers are scratchy and absorbent of liquids which can often lead to high levels of bacteria, mold, mildew and nasty odors (i.e. dog urine, etc.). Our competitors often utilize nylon for the thatch in their turfs because it is considered a cheap “filler” to make turf look more full.

EasyTurf only utilizes polyethylene for all grass fiber components (including the thatch for our thatch turf products). It is the most durable and is non‐absorbent… and is the most expensive, of course. At the end of the day, you really don’t want to start smelling bad things coming from your grass areas!

Stay tuned for the other key components of EasyTurf artificial grass!



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