With artificial turf grass, what would my lawn look like in a few years?

May 19, 2012

This is a question that we get often, “What will it look like in a few years, after sun, weather and wear and tear?”  The answer, as you will see … is “Still soft, still lush, still green.”  Plus there was no need to water or mow or fertilize, for many years. (Think of the saved money and extra time!)

Below is a video from Tampa’s Fox 13 News about an artificial grass lawn we installed in Tampa Bay way back in 2001.  8 years later the artificial grass is just as green as it was when it was first installed.  The home owner still LOVES their artificial grass solution.   Please take a look, you may be surprised how long EasyTurf lasts and how good it looks. This is truly THE GRASS THAT LASTS™! (Be sure to note the yard next door … brown.)

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    Just Like Grass | Fox Tampa Bay



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