Our Artificial Turf is the Same Used by Pro Athletes

August 27, 2019

When weighing decisions to unearth your lawn for artificial grass, the benefits are apparent. Therefore, you’ll save unprecedented amounts of money on your water bill, you won’t need a constant stream of harmful pesticides, and you’ll have a low-maintenance slice of green that livens up your home.


Artificial Turf

While these are givens, many lawn-owners are hesitant to make the switch, and rightfully so. So, what about an artificial lawn’s durability? Will it feel like my grassy lawn? Will artificial turf stand up to the sun, weather, wrestling kids, and messy pets?

The answer to all of these and more is a resounding yes. And just why are we so confident?

We’re going to show you exactly why our residential turf not only meets but exceeds homeowners’ standards.


The FieldTurf Standard


EasyTurf is part of FieldTurf, the single most trusted artificial turf brand in the sporting industry. Across the globe, soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, and other sporting stadiums are outfitted with FieldTurf’s artificial grass. Turf is fine-tuned to each sport, and through precision craftsmanship, they’ve made over 20,000 installations.

We’ve taken it one step further by implementing FieldTurf’s ingenuity and expertise outside the field, and into America’s lawns.


What Does This Mean for my Home?


As part of the FieldTurf family, it means we’re taking zero shortcuts. Your home will be equipped with the same quality grass that’s used by professional NFL players.

A sporting field equipped with artificial turf must give athletes optimum safety and performance features to minimize risk and help them achieve peak functionality. But equally, stadium owners require a grass-like lawn that will stand up to hours of rigorous practice and game time. Cleats, tackles, and constant use aren’t easy on grass. But kids and pets can come pretty close to the wear and tear of professional athletes.

Artificial Turf

FieldTurf has installed turf in over 3,000 fields that have lasted eight or more years. And many of these companies have not even reached their eighth year in business.


The difference in the turf is the quality of the fibers and the heavy infill. Polymer Technology, UV inhibitors, and an innovative extrusion process make this exclusive artificial turf stand the tests of both time and force, and the science behind each individual blade is designed to outlast every competitor on the market.


All this and more carry over to your home’s new artificial turf. At EasyTurf, we use the highest-quality artificial turf specially engineered by FieldTurf, and it’s created to be realistic, durable, and safe for your home.


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